Custom made necklace

I’m pleased that you’re interested in a necklace created by myself especially for you. For creation of your necklace, first I need to know your idea about the shape, the type of the occasion during which the necklace will be used, financial limit and the deadline for completing and delivering of the product.

The price of necklaces depends on size and used materials. The necklaces are carefully handmade; therefore it is necessary to know that the creation of the jewelry takes 4 weeks.

The shape of the necklace can be chosen by you in a gallery of realized Luxury necklaces (gallery is on my personal website )or suggested by you. However, every piece is unique.

The necklace can also be made from your delivered material (for example stones). In that case, the price of the product is lowered by the material.

  • The order is created by written or personal communication between me and a client.
  • The order is created by client approving the design, confirming the final price and making an agreement about the deadline of completing the item.
  • In the moment the jewelry is made and confirmed by you, it is not possible to cancel the order.

I believe you order your necklace with an enthusiasm and that it is in the interest of both parties not to interfere the agreement in any way. I do my best to satisfy your wishes, however, it is not possible to return the necklace and get refund because the necklace was custom made.

If you are interested in a custom made necklace, please, contact me on email address